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The following article appeared in Uchinanchu: Hawaii United Okinawan Association Newsletter, September/October 1996, Volume #55. It is reprinted courtesy of the Hawaii United Okinawan Association.

Karate Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine
to be Honored in Hawaii

Shoshin Nagamine

Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine, founder of Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-do in Okinawa and President of the World Shorinryu Karate-Do Federation will be honored in Hawaii by the International Zen Dojo. Master Nagamine will be the first karate master to receive an official recognition from Daihonzan Chozen-ji, International Zen Dojo for zen realization in "Ken Zen Ichinyo."

Master Nagamine leads over 200 karate dojos worldwide and has emphasized the use of zen principles in his teachings. Governor Ota of Okinawa writes in his congratulatory message to Master Nagamine in the celebration of the 85th Anniversary of the World Shorinryu Karate-Do Federation, "President Nagamine realized the importance of spiritual training in karate and received a thorough training in Zen. Since then, he has fostered in his successors his firm faith that the soul of karate lies in the unification of hands and Zen, a legacy that will endure in the world of karate. Thus, in 1982, he received the coveted award, Kun Goto Koko Kyokukisusho, for his achievement. In addition, President Nagamine is lauded for other accomplishments: presentation of karate at the national athletic event, Kaiho Kokutai, in 1987, and sponsorship of the karate championship matches at the World Uchinanchu Festival in 1990."

On December 14, 1996 Master Nagamine will receive this historic award at the International Zen Dojo in Honolulu and in celebration of this event will host a special Karate Presentation on December 15th. The public is invited to meet Grand Master Nagamine during his December 15th (Sunday) presentation. The Hawaii students of Matsubayashi Karate-Do are coordinating this special presentation. Please contact the HUOA office at 676-5400 for further details.

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