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The following are articles that Seinekai President, Charles C. Goodin, has written or were written about his Hawaii Karate history research. Mr. Goodin was formerly an editor of Furyu: The Budo Journal (a local journal published by Wayne Muromoto) and is currently a Contributing Editor of Classical Fighting Arts, formerly Dragon Times. Click on blue links for online articles and journals.

The Roots of Okinawan Karate in Hawaii, by Charles C. Goodin.
Okinawan Mixed Plate: Generous Servings of Culture,
Customs and Cuisine, Hui O Laulima, August 2000.
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David Chambers

Michael Colling

Walter Dailey

Charles C. Goodin

Bruce A. Haines

Stanley E. Henning

Zenko Heshiki

Morio Higaonna

G. Hisae Ishii-Chang

Dean & Scott Jitchaku

Angel Lemus

Mario McKenna

Wayne Muromoto

Pat Nakata

Graham Noble

Yukihiko Noda

  • Shingo Ohgami

    A. Sonny Palabrica

    Andreas Quast


    Joseph Svinth

    Charles Joseph Swift

    Mark J. Tankosich

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