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--- 2010 ---
Clear Headed2010-09-16
Armed and Dangerous Drinker2010-09-15
Designated Driver2010-09-15
Pinan Shodan -- Some Points2010-09-09
Table of Contents Updated2010-09-07
Best Karate Expert Ever2010-09-07
Four Sensei2010-09-01
Too Many Kata2010-08-27
Most Advanced Kata2010-08-27
Koshi Percentage2010-08-20
Guest Post: Thinking About What We Practice2010-08-20
Guest Post: Domo Arigato Gozaimasu, Sensei2010-08-18
My Tough Son Does Not Brag2010-08-18
What Have You Done Lately?2010-08-17
My Student is Better Than Me!2010-08-17
No Mention of Rank2010-08-17
Categorizing Karate Students -- Training2010-08-11
Avoidance & Escape2010-08-07
Avoidance is 100% Effective2010-08-06
Treating Guests2010-08-03
Teaching Karate to Miss Hawaii USA Contestants2010-08-03
Not Ready -- No Excuse2010-07-14
Demonstration Error -- No Big Deal2010-07-08
Gay Karate Students2010-07-08
Bowling -- Back to Normal2010-06-30
You Can Count On...2010-06-30
New Record!2010-06-21
Fingertip Bruises2010-06-18
Polite and Unassuming2010-06-18
Potluck Demo2010-06-15
Not By Accident2010-06-15
Crucifix -- MMA2010-06-15
Gulf Oil Spill2010-06-05
Basics are Hard2010-05-20
Relaxing -- Twofold Benefits2010-05-14
Try and Fail...2010-05-09
Form, Body Dynamics & Applications2010-05-04
Flyer for Our Class2010-05-03
Refine What?2010-04-30
Hawaii Self-Defense Laws -- Online Video2010-04-28
Yelling Kata Name2010-04-25
"Mrs. Sensei"2010-04-25
Perfect Bowling Afternoon2010-04-25
That Looks Okinawan2010-04-23
Still a Puppy2010-04-23
This is Sensei...2010-04-20
Double Jackpot!2010-04-19
5 Stories -- Bad Foundation2010-04-12
Guest Post: Training is Training2010-03-28
Shinzato Sensei in Book and DVD2010-03-24
Hawaii Self-Defense Laws: What You Can and Cannot Do2010-03-22
Kanji In Knot2010-03-18
Blocking Faster By Not Turning2010-03-16
Pulsing Koshi2010-03-09
Smaller Koshi2010-03-09
Being Sure About Kata2010-03-05
Backyard First2010-02-28
Tsunami Warning In Hawaii (A Review)2010-02-28
Olympic Gold2010-02-23
Fast Food Karate2010-02-16
Look First, Then What?2010-02-13
Look First2010-02-12
Lucky To Live Hawaii2010-02-06
Armed MMA?2010-02-06
My Karate Philosophy2010-02-06
Next Rank -- Follow-up2010-02-06
Next Rank2010-02-03
Benched 300!2010-01-30
More On Tatoos2010-01-23
Profane Song Lyrics2010-01-23
Fight! Magazine Article2010-01-22
Your Computers and Personal Information2010-01-19
100% Sensei2010-01-17
You Are A "Tanaka"2010-01-17
Haiti Relief2010-01-17
No Jewelry During Training2010-01-15
Benched 200!2010-01-11
The Best Karateka I Ever Met2010-01-11
You Are Pretty/You Are Ugly2010-01-11
I Don't Care2010-01-11
Wrong Setting2010-01-11
2/7 or 7/2?2010-01-05
Find What You Like to Do2010-01-05
My Daughter Models2010-01-05

--- 2009 ---
50+ Catch 222009-12-31
Try Hard in 2010!2009-12-31
Christmas Grab Bag -- Canned Goods2009-12-23
Happy Holidays From Hawaii!2009-12-23
Bo Staff2009-12-21
Some Amazing Videos2009-12-17
Museum's Christmas Letter2009-12-16
Great News About the Hawaii Karate Museum Collection!2009-12-15
Age of Karate2009-12-13
Severe Testing2009-12-13
Testing Results2009-12-13
I Like Goju-Ryu Too2009-12-11
What Dan Are You?2009-12-11
Can't Block This2009-12-11
Karate Magazine Covers2009-12-11
If I Were Motobu Sensei2009-12-10
More Speed Tricks2009-12-10
Getting Faster2009-12-10
The Emperor's New Kata2009-12-09
Buyers and Sellers2009-12-09
Apple and Eggs2009-12-08
First Attack?2009-12-08
A Pearl of Wisdom2009-12-08
More Polite MMA Fighters2009-12-08
This is a Story2009-12-06
Landscaping A Yard2009-12-06
Photo Op2009-12-05
Worst of the Best2009-12-05
A Birthday Gift... and Teacher2009-12-05
Critiquing Some Students2009-12-05
A Birthday Thought2009-12-04
Knife in the Pocket2009-12-04
My 52nd Birthday2009-12-03
My Favorite MMA Fighters2009-12-03
Reluctance, Restraint... Because2009-12-03
Some Posts in Romanian2009-11-30
Thankfulness and Gratitude2009-11-25
The Champion2009-11-25
Trying "Your" Best2009-11-25
Not Yet, Not Yet, Not Yet...2009-11-24
Robert "Snaggy" Naoto Inouye2009-11-24
Just OK2009-11-24
Drinking and Fighting2009-11-19
Recarpeting (Switching Styles)2009-11-14
Karate "god"2009-11-12
Cursing 22009-11-12
Cursing in the Dojo (Don't)2009-11-12
Why Some Say Jewelry Is OK2009-11-12
More On Nails2009-11-11
Kapakahi Stance2009-11-10
Itosu Sensei Returns!2009-11-09
No Training, But We Have Class2009-11-09
Fingernail Courtesy2009-11-09
Sorry 'Bout That2009-11-09
Reinstating Itosu Sensei2009-11-07
Starting Over2009-11-06
Reacting Before the Attack2009-11-06
Guest Posts: More on Knives You Don't See2009-11-06
Easier to Teach Goju-Ryu Students2009-11-05
Four Great Gifts2009-11-05
My Son, the Dojo Cho2009-11-05
The Cost of Karate2009-11-05
Support Network2009-10-30
Curly Hair2009-10-30
Co-Survivor 2 (And Counting)2009-10-30
Knives You Don't See2009-10-30
One Of Six2009-10-30
The Best Teacher...2009-10-30
Ring, Ring, Ring!2009-10-26
No Jewelry2009-10-26
Our Logo Is...2009-10-26
Guest Post: About Not Hitting Women2009-10-25
Do Not Hit Women2009-10-24
Capernicus Was Wrong2009-10-23
Karate In A Sentence2009-10-23
No Categories -- A Mugger2009-10-23
Who Is Your Teacher?2009-10-23
Kata Appropriate To Level2009-10-23
Shallow Kata -- Deep Kata2009-10-23
Shodan Kata?2009-10-22
Two Week Birthday2009-10-21
Flu Precautions2009-10-21
Tournament Kata -- Prancing2009-10-21
Do You Understand? (Really?)2009-10-19
Testing Alert2009-10-19
Heavy Koshi2009-10-17
Soke Detector2009-10-17
What I Would Like to Remember2009-10-17
How Would You Like to be Remembered?2009-10-16
Announcing Our Next Testing2009-10-15
Brazilian Ju Jitsu2009-10-15
My Granddaughter Has Potential2009-10-15
Honoring a Sensei2009-10-15
Promoted to Grand...2009-10-15
Squeeze Your...2009-08-27
Laughing At Kata2009-08-27
Back to School -- Get Ahead2009-08-27
Back to School -- Time to Be Careful2009-08-04
Kenpo Karate Days... Long Ago2009-07-30
Upcoming Events2009-07-30
Keeping It Real2009-07-30
Koshi Dynamics2009-07-28
Got Flu Masks?2009-07-28
Confrontation Objective 22009-07-28
Confrontation Objective2009-07-28
The Courtesy of Eye Contact2009-07-26
Demonstration Feedback2009-07-22
Thoughts on Demonstrations2009-07-22
YouTube Tour of Exhibit2009-07-21
Video Tour of Exhibit, Karate: From Okinawa to Hawaii2009-07-18
Demonstration Things to Remember2009-07-09
Flu Masks2009-07-08
Exhibit Photos Posted!2009-07-08
2 Right - 2 Wrong2009-07-01
Drinking Theme in Music2009-07-01
Exhibit, Demonstration & Lecture Flyer2009-06-19
Upcoming Hawaii Karate Museum Events2009-06-18
Demonstration Invitation2009-06-08
Exhibit and Demonstration2009-06-08
High Def Karate2009-04-16
Practice Control2009-04-13
Privates Lesson $52009-04-13
A Day in the Life...2009-03-26
Most Important Weapon2009-03-26
Not A Good Fighter2009-03-26
Belts and Rank?2009-03-26
How Long For Black Belt?2009-03-25
Could Have Done Better2009-03-24
Kvetch Your Lats2009-03-24
Getting More Students2009-03-24
Okinawa Survey -- Please Help2009-03-19
Replace A Bad Habit With A Good Habit2009-03-13
Charles Goodin Promoted!2009-03-12
Annual Sugar Cunsumption2009-03-11
Fighting Sugar Update2009-03-10
Fukyugata Ichi Movement Principles2009-03-08
Memoirs of a Grasshopper Blog2009-03-08
Guest Post: Makiwara2009-03-03
Depth of Kata2009-03-03
Hawaii Rules!2009-03-02
Goal of Training2009-03-02
A Japanese Karate Instructor2009-02-26
Telegraphing Movements2009-02-21
Guest Post: Repeated Rambling on Kata2009-02-21
Memories of Karate by Chotoku Kyan2009-02-17
Deceptively Simple2009-02-17
How Long Will It Take?2009-02-14
Higaonna Sensei2009-02-14
Rank Fee Schedule2009-02-10
Parking Lot Courtesy2009-02-06
Punching Speed Contest2009-02-03
Skill and Intelligence2009-02-03
The Loudest Supporter/Critic2009-02-03
A Great Artist2009-02-01
No Meaning?2009-01-31
Who Would You Want?2009-01-29
Go B.J.!2009-01-29
Skill and Conditioning2009-01-27
When to Disclose Dan Ranking2009-01-27
Blocking/Striking Position2009-01-21
Blocking Incidental to Striking2009-01-21
Blocking Distance -- Too Far2009-01-20
More About Visiting Students2009-01-20
Fighting Sugar2009-01-16

--- 2008 ---
Happy New Year 2009!2008-12-31
The Sensei's Improvement2008-12-24
Why So Quiet?2008-12-24
Happy Holidays 2008!2008-12-24
Book Donation Completed!2008-11-18
One Movement -- One Hundred Movements2008-11-08
"Serious Karate Man"2008-11-08
Attention To Details2008-11-05
Sheets of Wood2008-10-28
Rules Applicable To Karate2008-10-27
Guest Post: Seize and Control2008-10-27
Vote, Vote, Vote2008-10-27
A Lesson In Courtesy2008-10-26
Tuck Your Koshi And...2008-10-21
What I Notice First2008-10-21
Ordering the Okinawan Karate & Kobudo Encyclopedia2008-10-12
One Good Punch2008-10-12
How Many Times?2008-10-11
Koshi Progression -- Heaviness2008-10-09
Most Important Thing I Did Last Week2008-10-05
Hawaii Karate Museum Collection -- Soon2008-10-05
Last Resort Rationale2008-10-05
Grappling -- Not Just Throws2008-10-01
Pulling With the Back2008-09-30
My Cold -- A Reason2008-09-27
Being Told What To Do2008-09-27
Saved By Tonfa2008-09-25
Hit Me Anywhere...2008-09-25
Not Stepping Back 22008-09-23
Mad At Myself For A Cold2008-09-22
Slovenian Interview With Shinzato Sensei2008-09-22
Okinawan Dialect2008-09-18
Best Fighter?2008-09-18
Referring An Instructor2008-09-18
Guest Post: Kamae-Gamae2008-09-17
Hurricane Dynamics in Karate2008-09-16
Always Someone...2008-09-16
Things You Do Not Want To Hear...2008-09-15
Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Encyclopedia2008-09-15
No Fixed Postions2008-09-14
Grab What?2008-09-14
Nakata Sensei's Guest Posts2008-09-14
Guest Post: Kamae2008-09-14
Sharp Elbows2008-09-14
Don't Wait -- Do It Now2008-09-13
Mental Clarity -- Not Verbalizing2008-09-11
Book Donation Very Close!2008-09-11
An Excellent Karate Book2008-09-10
Not A Broken Rib2008-09-06
Guest Post: Stepping Back2008-08-27
Controlling the Temper2008-08-26
Perfect Karate Body2008-08-26
Thank You!2008-08-26
Same Old Posture Advice2008-08-26
1,000 Repetitions2008-08-26
Relative Dan Scale2008-08-26
Finding the Hawaii Student2008-08-25
1,000 Punches2008-08-25
Setting the Bar High2008-08-22
Jealous Of...2008-08-22
Doubling Skill2008-08-22
That Was Great!2008-08-20
Gi Top Optional2008-08-19
Ready, Set...2008-08-19
Kata "Files"2008-08-18
Sensei George Donahue's Articles2008-08-16
Best At Worst2008-08-16
"Hidden" Kata2008-08-16
My Own Olympic Medals2008-08-12
Hurray For the Olympics!2008-08-12
Ending Direction of Kata2008-08-10
Saying Goodbye to Sensei2008-08-10
Assumptions About Kata2008-08-10
One Cent School Supplies2008-08-09
A Special Book2008-08-09
Who Is The Strongest?2008-08-08
Greeting Sensei2008-08-08
No Kiai2008-08-08
No Good Martial Arts...2008-08-08
Access to Rare Karate Books2008-08-07
Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at UH -- Update2008-08-05
Weapons Price -- All Relative2008-08-05
Best Karate...2008-07-29
Getting In Shape2008-07-28
Tapping the Egg2008-07-28
Fukyugata Ichi -- Progress2008-07-22
Tough Neighborhood?2008-07-22
What Are You Hitting?2008-07-17
1000th Post -- Hawaii Karate Museum Collection2008-07-15
Who Is The Senior?2008-07-07
Fukyugata Ni2008-07-07
Like Naihanchi2008-07-07
Center for Okinawan Studies at the UH2008-07-07
Mixing Gas2008-06-27
Husband of a Cancer Survivor2008-06-17
Copy Me2008-06-17
No Koshi Makes Better Koshi2008-06-17
No Use For Money2008-06-16
"Bad" Samaritan - Part Two2008-06-16
"Bad" Samaritan2008-06-14
Hurricane Season Started2008-06-12
Eye Gouge2008-06-08
Light Weight2008-06-07
Climbing the Mountain2008-06-06
Pinan Sandan Kick/Punches2008-06-04
Lucky Student!2008-06-03
Sensei's Role Is To Inspire2008-06-03
Fukyugata Ichi Angles2008-06-02
Karate Update2008-06-02
Training Since I Was Born2008-05-30
Things Not to Say2008-05-30
An Inspiration (Overcoming Cancer)2008-05-30
Non-Violent Attitude2008-05-28
How Much For Shodan?2008-05-20
One Kata2008-05-20
Being Contacted & Titles2008-05-19
Proper Diet2008-05-19
Funakoshi's Karate-Do Kyohan2008-05-17
Do You Think You Could Beat Me?2008-05-15
Picking a Fight2008-05-15
Karate and Longevity2008-05-06
About Technique2008-05-01
No Osae?2008-05-01
Guest Post: Transition2008-05-01
Two Fine Sensei2008-05-01
Remaining Calm2008-04-24
Guest Post: A Snowball's Chance2008-04-24
A Calamansi Tree2008-04-21
About Conserving Energy2008-04-21
Seeking Enlightenment2008-04-20
Conserving Energy2008-04-20
Wet/Dry Vac2008-04-20
"Looks Good"2008-04-20
"Practical" Karate2008-04-20
A Karate Student Should Not...2008-04-20
Nice vs Tough2008-04-12
Were Students Better In The Past?2008-04-12
Grabbing the Neck and Ear2008-04-12
Loud Koshi2008-04-11
Aim High2008-04-10
So Kuchi!2008-04-10
Mario McKenna's YouTube Videos2008-04-08
Tired From Training2008-04-08
About Sensei's Sensei2008-04-08
Sensei's Sensei...2008-04-03
Bench Press2008-04-03
Book Donations2008-04-03
1873 Karate Description2008-03-28
More On Big Throws2008-03-26
Big Throws2008-03-26
So Much -- So Little2008-03-25
About Bad Habits2008-03-25
Unarmed Martial Arts2008-03-24
The Most Difficult Thing I Do2008-03-19
Japanese Influence on MA2008-03-19
80% Food2008-03-19
Guest Post: The Mirror2008-03-19
Most Upsetting Things2008-03-17
Pinan Shodan2008-03-17
A Confession2008-03-17
How I Got Here2008-03-16
Prove and Proof2008-03-13
McCarthy Sensei on YouTube2008-03-11
Looking Violent2008-03-11
Why Block?2008-03-11
Heel To The Face2008-03-09
An Injured Knee2008-03-09
Karate in MMA2008-03-09
Domestic Violence2008-03-08
Tiles on the Floor2008-03-08
Hands and Knees2008-03-08
Internal and External2008-03-08
Protecting the Gold2008-03-06
Making It Look Easy2008-03-06
No Patches2008-02-28
Striking Range2008-02-23
Chinese Martial Arts Lecture -- Feb. 28th2008-02-23
906th Post2008-02-13
Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 102008-02-13
Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 92008-02-13
Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 82008-02-10
Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 72008-02-10
Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 62008-02-10
Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 52008-02-09
Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 42008-02-09
Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 32008-02-07
Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 22008-02-07
Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 12008-02-07
Extinguishing A Candle2008-02-06
Barefoot Okinawans and Stone Structures2008-02-06
Emphasize Peace2008-02-05
Hitting Pads2008-02-03
Some Thoughts About Alcohol Abuse2008-02-03
50 -- One More Thing2008-02-03
Getting Older2008-02-03
Excellent Post on Naihanchi Shodan2008-02-03
Beautiful and Terrifying Kata2008-02-02
Old Style or New Style?2008-02-02
Our Styles Are Almost The Same2008-02-02
Teaching Koshi2008-02-02
Sensei Toshihiro Oshiro2008-02-02
Ryu, Juku, or What?2008-01-31
Otherwise Equal...2008-01-31
Students of Itosu Sensei2008-01-31
Push-Ups For Yawning2008-01-31
Paying the Dojo2008-01-24
Character First2008-01-21
Kishaba Juku-ness2008-01-21
"Catholic" Karate2008-01-21
Teaching Structure2008-01-13
Someone Better2008-01-13
Demonstrating "My" Style2008-01-11
First Impression2008-01-11
Expert Village Website2008-01-11
Kata Vs. Self Defense Drills2008-01-08
MMA Fouls2008-01-08
Judo Etiquette2008-01-08
Motobu Versus The...2008-01-05
Follow-Up On Synchronized Kata2008-01-05
Scratching The Surface2008-01-04
Zigzag Training2008-01-04
Synchronized Kata2008-01-04
Setting Your Mind2008-01-02
Happy New Year 20082008-01-01

--- 2007 ---
Only Two Things Matter2007-12-30
Guest Posts By Sensei Pat Nakata2007-12-26
Guest Post: Terminology2007-12-26
Which Writer Do You Pick?2007-12-26
Martial Arts DVDs2007-12-26
Koshi Is Important When...2007-12-26
What Did They Do With It?2007-12-26
Karate And Regularity2007-12-26
Guest Post: Kata A Waste Of Time2007-12-24
Guest Post: 100% Application2007-12-24
Last Class of the Year2007-12-24
All I Want For Christmas...2007-12-24
Karate Obstacle Course2007-12-24
Aikido Stress2007-12-18
Don't Do Anything2007-12-18
Kanreki of Sensei Sadao Yoshioka2007-12-13
30 and 602007-12-13
Rank or Ability?2007-12-13
"Not The Same"2007-12-13
Sanzinsoo's Blog2007-12-11
Can You Talk About Karate?2007-12-11
Chasing My Sensei2007-12-11
Fifty Years Old!2007-12-07
Really Tough Guys -- Why?2007-12-07
Look At The Feet2007-12-05
Why Goju-Ryu Is More Dynamic2007-12-05
About the Sensei2007-12-04
Karate and Mental Health2007-12-04
Power Generation -- 99% and 1%2007-11-29
Form Over Substance2007-11-29
Karate Builds Character?2007-11-27
Impressive Kata By 3 Little Girls2007-11-26
True Toughness -- Chemotherapy2007-11-21
Karate Orientations2007-11-19
Why We Must Improve Our Movements2007-11-18
Budo Karate -- Life And Death2007-11-18
Kachashi -- Koshi Dance2007-11-17
Koshi Infection2007-11-17
Karate -- A Minority Art, Part 102007-11-17
Naicha, Yamatunchu2007-11-17
Congratulations To 50 Year Old Shodan2007-11-16
Who Is Better?2007-11-15
Movie Questions2007-11-15
Okinawan Hogen2007-11-15
Karate -- A Minority Art, Part 92007-11-13
Karate -- A Minority Art, Part 82007-11-13
Koshi Fish2007-11-13
Kishaba Sensei on Bugeisha Cover2007-11-13
Bunkai -- Qualified2007-11-13
Salute To Veterans2007-11-12
Karate -- A Minority Art, Part 72007-11-12
41 Things To Protect Yourself2007-11-12
Karate -- A Minority Art, Part 62007-11-12
Yakusoku Kumite2007-11-10
Karate -- A Minority Art, Part 52007-11-09
Karate -- A Minority Art, Part 42007-11-09
Karate -- A Minority Art, Part 32007-11-09
Karate -- A Minority Art, Part 22007-11-09
Karate -- A Minority Art, Part 12007-11-09
Guest Post: For Who, and Why?2007-11-08
Mark Tankosich's Guest Posts and Articles2007-11-08
Boiling Water2007-11-08
Kata -- Never Boring2007-11-07
Harry Cook's CFA Kata Article2007-11-07
How To "Kill" Karate2007-11-05
Picking The Place And Time2007-11-05
How Much Do You Owe?2007-11-05
Things To Do When Promoted2007-11-02
Fighting Sideways2007-11-01
"Toned Sexy Core"2007-10-31
"One Big Muscle" Ness2007-10-31
Happy Halloween -- Be Safe!2007-10-31
Submitting Karate Questions2007-10-30
One Big Muscle2007-10-30
You Never Know...2007-10-29
Guest Post: Not Just in the Dojo2007-10-29
MMA Tag Teams2007-10-28
Karate In The Olympics2007-10-27
Comment On Doing The Work2007-10-26
Rank, Titles, Certificates, Etc.2007-10-26
The Greatest Karate Treasure2007-10-24
Guest Post: Follow-Up to Random Thoughts2007-10-24
Split Counting / Thinking2007-10-23
When You Can't Give A Raise...2007-10-23
Angel Lemus Coming To Hawaii2007-10-23
"Professor" Goodin2007-10-23
Guest Post: Doing the Work2007-10-23
You Can Count On Some People To...2007-10-22
Sensei As Superstars?2007-10-22
Best Fighter, But...2007-10-21
Testing Problem2007-10-19
Titles And Slippers2007-10-19
Training During Chemo2007-10-18
"Charles" Sensei2007-10-18
Chudan Uchi Uke -- Chudan Soto Uke2007-10-18
Things To Do To Be Polite2007-10-18
Guest Post: What Constitutes A "Black Belt?"2007-10-18
A Bump On The Head2007-10-18
Worst Karate Master Ever?2007-10-17
The Stronger Student And The Brick2007-10-17
Don't Come To Class Sick2007-10-16
Longer Basics2007-10-16
Million Dollar Black Belt2007-10-16
Where To Train2007-10-16
Karate-No! Program Updates2007-10-15
YouTube Problem2007-10-15
Another Old Karate Article (Late 1940s)2007-10-15
Jodan Uke2007-10-14
Follow-Up: If You Are Healthy -- Train2007-10-14
Response: Advancement In Karate2007-10-14
50 Years In Karate2007-10-14
Too Full -- Of Yourself2007-10-13
Too Full2007-10-13
Guest Post: Koshi Hojo Undo - The Mirror2007-10-13
Advancement In Karate2007-10-11
Almost... Best and Worst2007-10-11
Proud Of Students2007-10-11
Fill Up Your Bucket2007-10-10
Thinking During Kata2007-10-10
Karate Attitude2007-10-09
Karate -- Approaching The Whole2007-10-08
If You Are Healthy -- Train2007-10-08
Karate Fighter?2007-10-06
"Complete" Karate2007-10-05
Joy Of Being A Beginner2007-10-05
Being Considerate2007-10-04
Sensei Sweeping The Floor2007-10-04
Belts (Again)2007-10-04
Phases Of Koshi2007-10-03
Cholesterol -- HDL2007-10-03
Reluctance To Use Karate Techniques2007-10-02
Finding Errors -- A Banyan Tree2007-09-30
The Whole Is Greater2007-09-30
New Blog Template and Table of Contents2007-09-29
Kata Errors2007-09-27
Stepping Through A Narrow Opening2007-09-27
"Shape" of Footsteps2007-09-27
Shifting Weight2007-09-26
Post 7142007-09-25
Signed Books2007-09-25
Teaching Karate 14 -- Basics2007-09-25
Low Leg Kicks -- Escape2007-09-24
Seize, Control, Strike2007-09-24
Low Leg Kicks2007-09-24
Breaking Up Fights2007-09-20
Old Karate Article From 19472007-09-20
If You Say It Enough...2007-09-20
You Never Know2007-09-19
Random Thoughts This Afternoon2007-09-17
"Work In Progress" - Ryu2007-09-16
Karate Thoughts Blog Google Ranking2007-09-16
Sparring Mistake -- Turning the Back2007-09-16
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Teaching Karate 8 -- Speaking Ill of Others2007-07-09
Teaching Karate 7 -- Rank2007-07-05
Teaching Karate 6 -- Teach One Thing Well2007-07-05
Teaching Karate 5 -- Enthusiasm2007-07-05
Teaching Karate 4 -- Safety2007-07-05
Teaching Karate 3 -- How Many Steps Ahead?2007-07-04
Teaching Karate 2 -- Accepting Students As They Are2007-07-01
Teaching Karate 1 -- A Responsibility2007-07-01
Teaching Karate Series2007-07-01
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How Many Movements in a Kata?2007-05-23
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Guest Post: Mada, Mada, Mada2007-05-09
"China Hand"2007-05-07
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I heard...2007-05-04
Karate Monuments2007-05-03
The Best Student2007-05-03
Where/When to Kiai2007-05-03
Foul Techniques2007-05-03
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I Get Credit For...2007-05-03
Haka -- Tombs in Okinawa2007-05-02
100 Things to Help Karate Students2007-05-01
Osae -- Block(age)2007-05-01
Osae -- Pressing2007-05-01
Kata With Dull Knives2007-05-01
A Gentle Nudge2007-04-29
Getting Hit With Your Own Arm2007-04-28
Getting It2007-04-28
Graduating Students -- Some Advice2007-04-26
All We Can Do...2007-04-24
The Elephant and the Butterfly2007-04-23
One Movement Well...2007-04-21
Double Movements2007-04-18
Nekko Ashi -- Jigotai2007-04-18
"Boiling" Students2007-04-15
Body Posture 32007-04-14
Benefits of Learning2007-04-13
Finding Time to Blog2007-04-13
Guest Post: Re: "Brain Freeze"2007-04-13
Bottles of Awamori2007-04-13
Beginner's Mind2007-04-13
Brain Freeze2007-04-12
Learning The Process2007-04-12
Karate in Okinawa2007-04-11
Back From Okinawa2007-04-09
Guest Post: An Obvious Insight2007-04-09
In Okinawa!2007-03-31
Arrogant Because...2007-03-27
Immutable Kata2007-03-26
Thinking You Know2007-03-24
Living Up To One's Potential2007-03-24
Ending Letters2007-03-21
Friend -- Qualification2007-03-21
My Compliments to....2007-03-21
Bo On the Line2007-03-21
My Senior Friends2007-03-20
White Belt2007-03-20
Being Late2007-03-16
Good Basics -- Good Karate2007-03-12
Garage Karate2007-03-12
Refinement of the Person2007-03-12
Meeting Karate Students -- Technique2007-03-12
Don't Teach Well For Me2007-03-12
When I Meet Students2007-03-12
Kime -- Explosive Power2007-02-25
A Recommendation to New Students2007-02-25
Dai Nippon Butokukai Collection2007-02-25
One Year Anniversary!2007-02-25
Turning Your Back2007-02-25
An Impressive Uke2007-02-18
A Very Impressive Demonstration2007-02-18
Torquing In Blocks2007-02-16
It Just Takes Time2007-02-16
Size Does Not Matter2007-02-12
Circle & Sphere2007-02-12
You Are Only As Big As...2007-02-06
Bumping Heads2007-02-06
Five Years From Now2007-01-31
Ryukyu's Kings2007-01-31
Honesty and Hard Work Expected2007-01-30
In Praise of Karate's Brits2007-01-30
A Good Workout2007-01-30
A Sai For Key Ring2007-01-29
Shaking Hands2007-01-26
Wearing Your Sensei's Rank2007-01-26
Being A Good Host2007-01-26
Avoiding First Names2007-01-25
A Lost Black Belt2007-01-25
Teaching By Example2007-01-25
Not The Same As The "Old Days"2007-01-24
Dojo Cleaning2007-01-24
So Many Posts2007-01-24
Shuji Nu Kun2007-01-24
Please Help: Classical Fighting Arts2007-01-24
Successor's History2007-01-23
Choosing A Successor2007-01-23
The Greatest Karate Master Ever2007-01-23
Lining Up By Rank2007-01-23
Sifu Andrew Lum2007-01-22
A High Kick2007-01-22
Pride or Shame?2007-01-20
What Impresses Me Most?2007-01-20
Chambering the Fist2007-01-19
Improving Your Karate2007-01-18
Holding the Bo -- Pinkies2007-01-17
To Do -- Or Not To Do2007-01-17
Things Instructors Should Not Do (40-62)2007-01-12
39 Things Instructors Should Not Do2007-01-11
Your Highest2007-01-11
How I Started Karate2007-01-11
Kick And Fall2007-01-11
To Be A Good Teacher2007-01-09
Karate -- Is It Defensive?2007-01-09
Titles -- Again2007-01-09
Weapons Cases2007-01-08
Classical Kobudo Bias2007-01-07
Bo and Elbows2007-01-07
Real Courage2007-01-07
Two Things I've Never Heard2007-01-07
Mr. Pancipanci's Umbrella Pattern2007-01-05
Things I Worry About2007-01-03
Karate -- Like Lightning2007-01-03
Karate-Do Ichiro2007-01-03
Shoulder Angles2007-01-03
Folding A Hand2007-01-01
Hawaii's Most Famous Martial Artists2007-01-01

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Karate -- An Okinawan Cultural Treasure2006-09-19
Age And Rank2006-09-19
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A Poor Demonstration2006-09-19
If Can Can... Again2006-09-18
Which Urinal?2006-09-18
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Hawaii Karate Museum Interview2006-09-14
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Movements That Don't Make Sense2006-09-12
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Patient Training (and Teaching)2006-08-21
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Never Underestimate An Attacker2006-08-18
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When Is Enough, Enough?2006-08-16
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Positional Coincidence?2006-08-08
Karate Titles -- Enough Already2006-08-08
Karate: What I Do2006-08-04
Family Karate2006-08-03
More Degrees Than A Thermometer2006-08-02
Hawaii Karate Pioneers2006-07-31
Guest Post: Some Preliminary Translation Work2006-07-31
Flexibility -- A Two Edged Sword?2006-07-31
Knee Position After A Kick2006-07-31
Jamming Kicks2006-07-31
Who Is Sempai?2006-07-25
Hikite -- The Pulling Hand2006-07-25
Advice To Husbands2006-07-24
Errors In Kata2006-07-24
Hikari Dojo Kun2006-07-24
Challenges For Women2006-07-24
Throwing Without A Gi2006-07-23
Throwing Techniques2006-07-23
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If Can Can...2006-07-22
Black Belt in ____ Months2006-07-19
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Training To Hit2006-07-17
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270 Posts!2006-07-14
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Famous Sensei2006-07-11
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Visiting Another Dojo2006-07-10
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Assisting Your Sensei2006-07-10
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Readers in Iraq and Afghanistan2006-07-04
Tools of the Trade2006-07-03
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How Many Weapons?2006-05-11
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Are You Prepared For Bird Flu (H5N1 )?2006-04-30
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Wondering About The Itosu Photo2006-04-27
Line Of Power2006-04-26
Guest Post: Speed, Power, Grace: Pick 32006-04-26
Black Belt2006-04-25
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Otomo -- The Sensei's Escort2006-04-19
The Term "Sensei"2006-04-19
Bowing In A Circle2006-04-18
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Burning Fewer Calories2006-04-12
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Step and Punch2006-04-09
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Things Not To Do in the Dojo2006-04-02
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Mosquito & Butterfly2006-03-31
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A Good Heart2006-03-30
Balls of the Feet2006-03-29
Guest Post: Kata Gassho2006-03-29
Catching Flies2006-03-29
Passing In Front2006-03-28
Attachment - Catching A Monkey2006-03-28
Japanese Plural2006-03-28
Who's Best / Last2006-03-28
Bushi: Karate Gentlemen2006-03-27
Favorite Weapon2006-03-27
Business Card2006-03-27
Wearing Gi In Public2006-03-27
Not About You2006-03-27
Close the Windows2006-03-27
Politics -- A Reason To Continue2006-03-27
Busai -- Martial Awareness2006-03-26
Body Waves2006-03-26
Omiyage On Return2006-03-26
Two Things I Never Heard2006-03-26
Missing Class2006-03-25
Begin Well, End Well2006-03-25
Hawaii Karate Kodanshakai2006-03-24
A Piece of Nanden2006-03-24
A Narrowing Path2006-03-24
Like A Rice Plant2006-03-24
In A Barrel2006-03-24
Awkward, Unpredictable Kumite2006-03-24
In Praise of Translators2006-03-24
Masami Teraoka2006-03-24
Baking a Cake2006-03-23
My Students - Myself2006-03-23
Soaking In Urine2006-03-23
Keep Your Elbows Close2006-03-23
Never Go Empty Handed2006-03-22
Checking With Other Sensei2006-03-22
What Have I Done Today?2006-03-22
Whip Speed Limit2006-03-22
Block From Where Your Hands Are2006-03-22
Sensei Pat Morita2006-03-21
Shorin, Goju, Etc2006-03-21
Hide Behind Your Bo2006-03-21
Self Respect2006-03-21
A Compliment - Family2006-03-21
Recent Family Article2006-03-21
Signaling the Uke2006-03-14
Email, Posting2006-03-14
A Fine Sensei2006-03-13
Hai Hai2006-03-13
Seeing the Attacker2006-03-13
Student Breakeven Point2006-03-13
Imi (Meaning)2006-03-13
Strike Through to the Back2006-03-13
Last Resort2006-03-11
Treasure in the Pocket2006-03-11
Who Made It?2006-03-11
Other Martial Arts2006-03-11
Chameleon Kumite2006-03-11
One Special Technique2006-03-11
Karate Wives2006-03-11
The Better Sensei2006-03-11
Karate is Easy2006-03-11
Proper Bowing2006-03-11
My Skilled Friend2006-03-08
Kenpo & Karate2006-03-08
Many Karates2006-03-08
The Smallest Thing2006-03-08
Water & Rock2006-03-08
Becoming Teachers2006-03-08
Chotoku Kyan2006-03-07
10 Year Search2006-03-07
Second Teacher2006-03-07
Cut While Shaving!2006-03-07
Use an Envelope2006-03-06
Karate: From China2006-03-06
Late to Class2006-03-06
Itosu & Matsumura (Pretend)2006-03-06
Reading this Blog2006-03-06
Avoiding Injuries2006-03-06
Ratty Belts 22006-03-06
Enryo Suru2006-03-02
Keeping in Shape2006-03-02
Karate from Okinawa2006-03-02
Okinawan Sumo2006-02-28
Accumulating Bad Habits2006-02-28
Higaonna Sensei's Hands2006-02-27
Catching a Cold2006-02-27
Os - Osu2006-02-27
One Year Student2006-02-27
World in Slippers2006-02-27
A Cheap Bokken2006-02-27
Being Considerate2006-02-27
Speed vs Timing2006-02-27
Karate and Religion2006-02-25
Karate and Zen2006-02-25
Kobudo: Weapon Arts2006-02-25
Compliment the Student2006-02-24
Break It Down2006-02-24
75 Down Blocks2006-02-24
Thomas Shigeru Miyashiro2006-02-24
Family First2006-02-24
My Favorite Patch2006-02-24
Judo First2006-02-23
Ten Thousand Kata2006-02-23
Learning From Students2006-02-23
Bunkai - Analysis2006-02-23
Dying Belts2006-02-23
One Sensei Per Dojo2006-02-23
The Title "Sensei"2006-02-23
False Courtesy2006-02-23
Tree Farmers2006-02-23
Bad Examples2006-02-23
Yoshioka Sensei's Lectures2006-02-23
A Single Technique2006-02-23
Quitting Karate - Politics2006-02-23
A Karate Ring2006-02-22
The Best Sensei2006-02-22
A Kick to the Head2006-02-22
Train for your 70s2006-02-22
Karate Secrets2006-02-22
Crabs in a Bucket2006-02-22
Sensei - Before Person2006-02-22
Ratty Belts2006-02-22
Know 10, Show 52006-02-22
Karate Killer2006-02-21
Winning and Losing2006-02-21
Paying Your Dues2006-02-21
On Rank2006-02-21
On Effort2006-02-21

The spirit of Karate is the Aloha spirit