Hawaii Karate Seinenkai
The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai Salutes:
Takamasa Bingo
1926 - 2003

Takamasa Bingo was also known as Thomas Bingo. He was born in Hawaii and in his later life resided on the mainland. His birth and death dates are estimated.

It appears that Bingo began his martial arts training at the Te-Ken Jutsu Kai (Hand Fist Technique Club) of Sensei Masaichi Oshiro. Oshiro Sensei had learned Kenpo Karate from Professor William K. S. Chow (1914-1987), one of the original students of Professor James M. Mitose (1916-1981), the founder of modern Kenpo in Hawaii. Bingo became one of Oshiro's assistants (along with Tommy Morita and Winfred Ho) and was the second student to be promoted to black belt by him.

In 1959, Oshiro Sensei visited Japan for one year, where he studied Goju-Ryu under Gogen Yamaguchi, and Okinawa, where he studied under Yagi Meitoku. When he returned to Hawaii, he taught Goju-Ryu rather than Kenpo Karate.

Bingo continued to teach Kenpo Karate under the Te-Ken Jutsu Kai. He taught at several locations, including one in Waipahu. One of Bingo's students was Lee Donohue, Sr. who became the Chief of Police of the Honolulu Police Department. He also taught Robert Kato and Raymond Higa.

In the 1960's, Bingo, Kato and Higa trained with Thomas Shigeru Miyashiro at his home in the Wahiawa Botanical Gardens.

An article about Bingo's class appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser on June 28, 1962. It was entitled Need Protection? Keep Cool With Karate. The article mentions that: "Students are reminded that these self defense arts are a 'treasure in the pocket' and are never to be needlessly displayed in public." The 'treasure in the pocket' saying was also stressed by Mizuho Mutsu, Mitose, and Oshiro.

Sometime in the 1970's, Bingo moved to Los Angeles. He called his school there the Hawaii Te-Ken Jutsu Kai and held classes at the old Centenary Methodist Church.

The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai salutes Takamasa Bingo.

The spirit of Karate is the Aloha spirit

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