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Tsuyoshi Chitose
Tsuyoshi Chitose
1898 - 1984

Tsuyoshi Chitose was born on October 18, 1898, in Kumochi, Naha City, Okinawa. Known at birth as Masuo Chinen, he later changed his name when he moved to mainland Japan. He was a grandson of Sokon "Bushi" Matsumura. A student of several prominent instructors, including Seisho Aragaki, Kanryo Higashionna, Chomo Hanashiro, and Chotoku Kyan, Chitose devoted his entire life to the preservation and perpetuation of Okinawan Karate. He eventually founded the style of Karate known as Chito-Ryu. He also actively studied and taught kobudo. Chitose attended Tokyo Imperial University on mainland Japan, during which time he assisted Gichin Funakoshi. He became a medical doctor and is often referred to as "Dr. Chitose."

Jimmy Miyaji, Robert Igarashi (back row), Winfred Ho, Tsuyoshi
Chitose, & Tommy Morita (front row), at the Yamashiro Hotel.

Chitose visited Hawaii in December 1961 and stayed for several months. It was his first visit to the West. The above photographs are from that visit. While in Hawaii, Chitose stayed at the Yamashiro Hotel. He even taught some private classes on the roof of the hotel. Public classes were taught at the Nuuanu YMCA, the First Chinese Church of Christ, and at public schools in Aiea and Waipahu.

The Hawaii sensei who sponsored the visit where Winfred Ho, Jimmy Miyaji, and Tommy Morita. Chitose gave a major demonstration at Farrington High School on March 19, 1962. The event was supported by many individuals and business in the Okinawan community, and several of the pre-World War Two Karate students attended.

From Hawaii, Chitose travelled to Canada. Although Chito-Ryu did not maintain a presence in Hawaii (most instructors switched to other styles), Chitose did help to stimulate interest in and enthusiasm for the traditional Okinawan art of Karate.

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