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The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai Salutes:
Bruce Haines
born May 15, 1934

Born in Los Angeles, California on May 15, 1934, Bruce Haines came to Hawaii in 1954 for summer school at the University of Hawaii. He stayed for eight years, during which time he played football at the UH (1954-1956) and also studied under some of the top Karate instructors in the islands.

Haines began his training in Kenpo Karate at the Nuuanu Y.M.C.A. under Professor William K. S. Chow (1914-1987), one of the original students of Professor James M. Mitose (1916-1981). Other students under Professor Chow included Masaichi Oshiro, Edmund Parker, Adriano Emperado, Joe Emperado, Manny Delacruz, and Ralph Castro.

Haines followed Masaichi Oshiro when he opened the Te-Ken Jutsu Kai dojo in McCully. He stayed with Oshiro until about 1958. Some of the other students at the dojo were Tommy Morita, Takamasa Bingo, Winfred Ho, Jimmy Miyaji, Rodney Hu, Solomon Kupahu, and Jimmy Tai Hook.

Haines later studied Goju-Ryu under Kenneth Murakami and George Miyasaki. Murakami and Miyasaki had studied Goju-Ryu under Kanki Izumigawa at the Senbukan Dojo in Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture. One of the senior students at the Hawaii Senbukan Dojo was Tomu Arakawa.

Knee injuries suffered during his football years forced Haines to end his Karate traiining. He switched to Kendo and trained for about 20 years, rising to the rank of sandan.

Haines is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking research on the history of Karate in Hawaii. He wrote a University of Hawaii master's thesis on the subject entitled Karate and Its Development in Hawaii to 1959 (see below). The thesis was expanded into a book, Karate's History and Traditions, which was published in 1968. A revised paperback edition was released in 1994.

From Hawaii, Haines moved to Guam where he taught school for two years. He then returned to California where he taught high school for 30 years. He currently teaches history at night at Chaffey Community College, where he is also the Men's Soccer Coach. In 2005, the team was the champion of the Foothill Conference and, at the age of 70, Haines was named the Coach of the Year.

068c Thesis & Book by Haines:

The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai salutes Bruce Haines, Hawaii's first Karate researcher.

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