Hawaii Karate Seinenkai
The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai Salutes:
Arthur Keawe
March 1, 1902 - May 1979

Arthur Keawe was one of the original students of James Mitose (1916-1981) in the early 1940s at the Nuuanu Y.M.C.A., and eventually became one of his first six black belt holders. The others were Thomas S. H. Young, William K. S. Chow, Jiro Nakamura, Paul Yamaguchi, and Bobby Lowe. Mitose initially called his art "Kempo Jiu-Jitsu". He later used the term "Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu".

A 1942 Honolulu Advertiser advertisement
for Mitose's classes.

Mitose left Honolulu around 1949. It is believed that he went to the Big Island. He later moved to California. In 1953, Mitose published a book entitled, "What Is Self-Defense (Kempo Jiu-Jitsu)". The book was written in 1947. Keawe was reported to have assisted Mitose with the book.

First version

Second version

Keawe practiced naturopathy or chiropractic and was known as "Dr. Keawe." He moved to the mainland in the 1950s, and in 1959 was reported to be living in Oakland, California.

The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai salutes Arthur Keawe, one of the earliest students of Kenpo in Hawaii.

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