Hawaii Karate Seinenkai
The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai Salutes:
Chokei Kishaba
October 4, 1929 - September 22, 2000

Born in Okinawa on October 4, 1929, Chokei Kishaba was a student of Hohan Soken (Matsumura Seito Shorin-Ryu, student of Nabe Matsumura), as well as Shoshin Nagamine (founder of Matsubayashi-Ryu, student of Ankichi Arakaki, Chotoku Kyan and Choki Motobu), and Seigi Nakamura. Kishaba learned Shorin-Ryu from all of his instructors as well as the use of the kama from Soken.

Kishaba taught a unique form of body dynamics which is impossible to adequately describe in words. The cornerstone of training is the development and coordination of the koshi, the central part of the body encompassing the hips and surrounding areas. The lower and upper body are linked through the koshi. Thus, power generated by the lower body can the amplified and efficiently transferred to the hands or arms for blocking or striking techniques. Movements are deceptively relaxed, but powerful and delivered in a whiplike manner (shinaru). This is also described as a "body wave."

Kishaba's senior student in Okinawa is Katsuhiko Shinzato. Kishaba and Shinzato visited Hawaii in 1985 (this was on the way back to Okinawa after a trip to the mainland).

Kishaba was the founder of the Okinawa Karate-Do Shorin Ryu Kishaba Juku. Upon his passing in 2000, he was succeeded by Shinzato. The Hikari Dojo is the Hawaii branch of Shinzato's dojo.

The Kishaba Juku sai kata, Kishaba No Sai, was named for Kishaba. His favorite empty hand kata was said to be the Tomari version of Rohai as practiced in Matsubayashi-Ryu.

Kishaba's younger brother, Chogi Kishaba (student of Masami Chinen and Chojun Miyagi, founder of the Goju-Ryu form of Karate), is an expert of Yamani-Ryu Bojutsu. Many students studied with both brothers.

The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai salutes Chokei Kishaba.

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