Hawaii Karate Seinenkai
The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai Salutes:
Alan Lee
born October 20, 1949

Alan Lee was born on October 20, 1949. He began training under Sensei Tomu Arakawa in October 1963, and continued until Arakawa Sensei passed away in 1998.

Arakawa was born in California and raised in Okinawa. While in Okinawa, he was a student of Katsuya Miyahira (student of Choshin Chibana, a student of Anko Itosu and the founder of the Kobayashi-Ryu form of Shorin-Ryu). He moved to Hawaii in 1947, and eventually became a student of Kanki Izumigawa (1908-1969), who studied under Seko Higa. Higa had studied under Kanryo Higashionna (of Naha-Te) and trained with Chojun Miyagi (the founder of Goju-Ryu). Higa's senior student in Hawaii was Mitsugi Kobayashi.

Izumigawa was the founder of the Senbukan Dojo in Kanagawa, Japan. Impressed by the demonstrations of Karate given by Izumigawa and his students when they visited Hawaii in 1961, Arakawa joined the Hawaii Goju-Ryu Senbukan School under Kenneth Murakami (who had studied under Izumigawa in Japan). In 1963, Arakawa opened his own dojo called the Hawaii Senbukan Karate Dojo at the old site of the Jikoen Temple. The dojo later moved to the new Jikoen Temple site on the corner of Likelike Highway and School Street. Arakawa also taught traditional Okinawan kobudo (weapons art).

Upon Arakawa's passing, Lee became the head of the Hawaii Senbukan Karate Dojo. Lee, Kyle Nakasone, and other senior students carry on Arakawa Sensei's proud tradition.

Lee is a member of the Hawaii Karate Kodanshakai.

The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai salutes Alan Lee.

The spirit of Karate is the Aloha spirit

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