Hawaii Karate Seinenkai
The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai Salutes:
Paul Ortino, Jr.
born July 13, 1954

Born on July 13, 1954 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Paul Ortino, Jr. began the study of the martial arts in 1968 with Judo. In 1969, he studied for a short while under Sensei George Dillman (Okinawa Kenpo). In 1970, he studied Tae Kwon Do under Kyosa Robert Dunn in Pennsylvania.

While in college at the University of North Carolina at Greensborough from 1972 to 1974, he studied the Shotokan form of Karate under Sensei Charlie Lewchalermwong and Pai Lum Kung Fu under Sifu Don Howard. In 1974, Ortino began training under Shihan Al Smith of the Red Dragon System. He rose to Sandan under Smith's direction over the next eight years.

Ortino opened his first dojo in 1975 and he has been teaching ever since. He has dojos throughout the United States. His brother, Sensei Victor Ortino, 5th dan (Naples, Florida) is presently teaching under the guidance of Shihan Richard Gonzalez, 8th dan.

Ortino moved to Hawaii in 1978 but only stayed for a short time. He trained briefly under Kenneth Funakoshi. He returned to Hawaii in March 1980 and soonafter began to study Karate and Kobudo under Seikichi Odo. He trained under Odo until the later's death in 2002. Ortino attained the rank of 8th dan under Odo and wrote In Memory Of Master Odo, which is hosted here with his permission. Another of Odo's students in Hawaii is Joseph Bunch.

Ortino is the chief instructor of the Okinawa Kenpo Karate Dharma-Ryu Dojo. More information about him is available at PaulOrtino.com.

Ortino was the Commissioner for the Aloha State Games (Karate) from 1990 to 2003. He is the president of the Hawaii Karate Congress, a member of the Hawaii Karate Kodanshakai and an active member of A.A.U. (Amateur Athletic Union).

The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai salutes Paul Ortino, Jr.

The spirit of Karate is the Aloha spirit

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