Hawaii Karate Seinenkai
The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai Salutes:
Sadao Yoshioka
born January 27, 1922 - January 19, 1990

Mochi pounding at the Nuuanu YMCA.
1980. Photo by Jayson Tanega.

Sadao Yoshioka was born in Hawaii on January 27, 1922. If you are familiar with Yoshioka Sensei, you might be wondering why he is being recognized at a Karate website.

Yoshioka Sensei practiced Judo when he was a young man under Sensei Yukiso Yamamoto (who also taught Mitsugi Kobayashi). When Yamamoto Sensei began to teach Aikido, Yoshioka Sensei followed. Yoshioka Sensei also learned from Koichi Tohei during his visits to Hawaii, and travelled to Japan to train in Aikido and misogi.

Yoshioka Sensei taught Aikido at the Nuuanu YMCA, the Hawaii Aiki Kwai dojo on Waialae Avenue, and other locations. He sometimes travelled to the mainland to teach. He used to take his students to Manoa Falls to practice misogi (chanting under the waterfall while the other students swung bokken 1000 times). The students would arrive at the falls at dawn and immerse themselves in the icy water. Under the sometimes raging torrent (watch out for rocks!), some found intense peace, clarity, and focus -- the ability to see the empty spaces between the leaves of the trees and hear the smallest droplets of water dripping from their noses.

Yoshioka Sensei was a talented craftsman. He made handcrafted bokken and jo, that are cherished by their owners to this day. He also carved beautiful statues.

Much more information about Yoshioka Sensei is available at the Sadao Yoshioka Shihan website.

Yoshioka Sensei taught Aikido as part of daily life. Each class, he gave a lecture to his students. Many times, the students would discuss the lecture and comment that each of them thought that the lecture was about him or her. Yoshioka Sensei had a way of touching the lives and hearts of his students. Several of his students also practiced Karate. One of these, just a beginner in Aikido, went on to found the Hawaii Karate Museum and teach Karate as part of daily life at the Hikari Dojo.

Yoshioka Sensei devoted his life to teaching the principles of Aikido. The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai salutes Sensei Sadao Yoshioka.

The spirit of Karate is the Aloha spirit

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